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Extraction - @ - SPACE, Pittsburgh, PA

The downtown Pittsburgh exhibition, EXTRACTION, invites the public to interact directly with, and continually modify the 20,000(+-) piece exhibition. Every visitor is encouraged to “extract” pieces of the exhibition, and by doing so, the exhibition will be in a constant state of change throughout the month exhibiting evolution and loss. EXTRACTION, includes 17 works created by local, national and international artists.

Fortunately we were there for the opening, where we found a huge and diverse crowd. From 5 years to 75 years, a sea of people were navigating the gallery respectfully spending time with pieces and participating in their evolutions. As artists who work in that format ourselves, we were like little children at a candy store at one moment chiseling marbles out of a block of ice to exploring a cave where one dives into a video game as a butterfly on the hunt for her wings! There was a healthy balance with the very playful interactive work to the pieces that were a bit more psychological, such as a wall of memories that have now been forgotten by the artist’s father who had developed Alzeheimer’s, or the postcards with the names of children and which parent they lost in 9/11. Whether the piece invoked joy or contemplation, every artist had a strong message, socially or emotionally, that was successfully executed and cohesive with the environment. Most of the messages had an intensity that was possible to be experienced by every viewer that comes into the space.

Since bringing the viewers into our art and letting them participate and physically change or contribute to it is right up our ally, EXTRACTION was one of the best shows we have seen in some time.

Artists participating in EXTRACTION include: Ryan Keene, Alexandra Watrous, Matthew Paul Isaacson, Karen Rich Beall, Meghan Olson, Gail Heidel, Delanie Jenkins, Traci Molloy,  Chris Craychee, Aimee Manion, Wendy Osher, Ana Kovacic, Tim Kellner, Staycee Pearl, Yuko Oda and Theodore Johnson, Jay Stuckey and Brian Dick, Thommy Conroy and Tommy Bones

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